This Privacy Statement explains how The Neurodivergence Clinic Research Center (the NDCRC) protects and respects your privacy. Please check this page on a regular basis for any updates to this Privacy Statement.

  • Web Security
    • The NDCRC is a secure, central database that stores digital information as well as data about people who volunteer in research, now or in the future. All information sent between the web server and website visitor’s or the volunteer’s browser is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection.
  • Collected Data
    • In order that the NDCRC may be improved for you and other users, we may collect the information below:
      • Website Data
        • The NDCRC may collect information that tracks how visitors use this website, the date and time of a visit, the pages accessed on the site, and the web address that led them to NDCRC. This information will be anonymous, which means it will not have a visitor’s name attached to it.
      • Volunteer Data
        • The information you enter when filling out the web form to become a volunteer will only be used as stated in the Volunteer Consent Agreement.
        • Any volunteer data that a volunteer has authorized NDCRC to release to outside researchers or studies is no longer controlled by NDCRC.
        • NDCRC may collect information from researchers about a volunteer status.
        • NDCRC will only use this information in a way that keeps the volunteer from being identified.
    • Research studies may be done on NDCRC’s registry. If this type of research is done, contributors and volunteers will not be identifiable. NDCRC will post the findings on this website.
    • If you submit an article, blog post, testimonial, referral, suggestion, or recommendation through the Contact page of this website, the information you provide will be published and may not be anonymized.
  • Information Sharing
    • If you allow your contact information to be released to outside researchers, NDCRC is no longer in charge of monitoring how your contact information is used by that specific researcher.
    • To meet federal or state laws, your profile information may be reviewed. Those who review this information may be staff from the United States Office for Human Research Protections and the Institutional Review Boards at participating institutions. These persons or groups may not be legally required to follow the rules listed here and in the Volunteer Consent Agreement, so they may release your information. All reasonable efforts will be made to keep your personal information private and secure.
    • The information you enter may be kept and used in the future unless you choose to request a deletion of your profile. If your profile is deleted, all of the information tied to you will be removed from NDCRC’s database.
    • The NDCRC will never sell, lease or rent any of your information to others.
  • Oversight and Supervision of Volunteer Research
    • The NDCRC utilizes an online volunteer recruitment tool overseen and supervised by Dr. Mark R. Zuccolo, Founder and Executive Director. Any questions or concerns about this process may be sent to Dr. Zuccolo by contacting The Neurodivergence Clinic through the Contact Page.

Last updated on January 24, 2024